Carpet Cleaning Services

Our carpet cleaning services are superior than our competitors because of 3 things:

1. Our Process

 -In a nutshell, we pre-spray all of your carpet, not just spots, we clean all areas not just where it looks dirty.   We pre-spray with an alkaline cleaner, (the one that is right for your carpet) then we agitate the carpet loosing up all the dirt and spots.  After that, we rinse the carpet with a low acidic rinsing solution that not only brightens up your carpet but it also leaves it feeling nice and soft. Using this combination neutralizes the cleaners leaving no residue on your carpet.  In the rinsing process we are extracting all of the water leaving very little moisture.  We then spray a protector over the carpet that helps prevent staining and also works as a anti-wicking agent.  We do this because not only is it beneficial to our clients but it is beneficial to us as it makes our job easier the next time we come back.  We then add air-movers (fans) to the areas that are complete to speed up the drying process. 


2. Experience

-We have been cleaning carpets for almost 17-years. We have seen and cleaned it all.  We've dealt with almost every customer imaginable and have cleaned from apartments to mansions to celebrities homes.  That being said, we treat our customers the same and our rates stay the same, we are not biased toward anyone.  We have taken many certification courses from spot cleaning, to pet urine/odor removal to  classes on fibers & fabrics. 

3. We Care

We enjoy what we do and take pride in our work. We are harder on ourselves than our customers.  We always seek perfection even if our customers are content.  We are also very personable, so we feel it makes the client feel more comfortable being in their  home.  We are fair, we charge our customers the same rate and give them the same opportunities in regards to discounts and credits.  We don't try and market a low rate and then change the price when we come do the work.